1. Are You Buying Land for Your Home? Part 2

    Finding the perfect home is easy when you're building your own from the ground up! The opportunities for features that enhance your unique lifestyle are practically endless. However, opportunity begins with the land you select. Whether you're working in a new development or you'v…Read More

  2. Are You Buying Land for Your Home? Part 1

    Building a house is an exciting, extensive process, and the first step is finding a place to do it! If you have a general location you want, that's great, but you still have to choose an actual lot. Chances are good you'll be building in a new development and have several differe…Read More

  3. Why Hiring a General Contractor is Worth It – Part 2

    General contractors have to be paid. Do you really need one? Can't you just handle your home construction on your own? What would you really be paying the contractor for, anyway? Saving money as you build a house is important ... but it can feel impossible. There are almost alway…Read More

  4. Why Hiring a General Contractor is Worth It – Part 1

    When you're building a home, it can sometimes be tempting to coordinate the project yourself, especially if you have a really unique concept. The idea of hiring a middleman — a contractor — who will communicate with the roofers, framers, plumbers, electricians, and other spe…Read More

  5. Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Home Plan – Part 2

    Building a custom home can feel like an endless process. Many people are more than ready to move in by the time the home is finished. However, the last thing you want on your victorious move-in day is to realize that you missed an opportunity to have a much-needed feature built i…Read More

  6. Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Home Plan – Part 1

    If you're going to invest in a custom home, it better be built with the features you need! Even if you find yourself choosing from a range of "stock" homes, knowing what you need out of your home will help you choose the correct floorplan. For many people, they only decide to bui…Read More

  7. Bring Luxury to Your Custom Home with These Features

    In our last blog, we discussed five major advantages to building your own custom home rather than going with a cookie-cutter home. You get control over materials, designs, and amenities, which allows you to create a home around your life rather than building your life around your…Read More

  8. The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

    For many people, "building a home" means choosing a cookie-cutter floor plan from a limited selection and equipping it with amenities off a list. Building this way can be an amazing option for people wanting to make a mark and live in a home made the way they want it. However, i…Read More

  9. Title Insurance Guide – Part 2

    Insurance plays a key role in home ownership. Making sure you have all of your ducks in a row really isn't optional if you want things to go well. At New Frontier Homes, we have decades of experience with building and improving homes, and we've gotten to know a lot of the aspects…Read More

  10. Title Insurance Guide – Part 1

    If you've never built a custom home before, it may surprise you how complex the process can be. The good news is, you don't have to manage it all alone. Great contractors like the team at New Frontiers can help you through. Complexity is especially nerve-wracking when it comes to…Read More

  11. Common Home Building Terms

    Homebuilders have their own language, and it can be frustrating as a customer to try to understand what they are talking about.  While any good contractor will be happy to explain everything to you, learning some of the lingo yourself can help you feel more in control. In today'…Read More

  12. Six Signs It’s Time to Build a Custom Home

    In our years of experience building custom homes in Watkins and beyond, we've gotten to know a lot of great people. We've gotten to work with people who know exactly what they want and people who aren't as sure. One of our favorite stages of the homebuilding process is the dream …Read More