General contractors have to be paid. Do you really need one? Can’t you just handle your home construction on your own? What would you really be paying the contractor for, anyway?

Saving money as you build a house is important … but it can feel impossible. There are almost always extra costs. It can be tempting to hang onto some of your cash by acting as your own general contractor. You’re game to make a few calls and get things in order, right? Unfortunately, many people underestimate just how involved you have to be in order to manage something as complex as homebuilding. If you want to do it right, it can be a full-time job. Chances are good you already have a job of your own. You don’t need another. Even if you manage to split your time between contracting and working, chances are good you’ll still get inferior results due to your lack of experience.

More Reasons Why Hiring a General Contractor is Worth It

A general contractor brings essential knowledge and experience to your project. General contractors know how homes are built. They understand the sequence of construction, building codes, and all other legislation that governs homebuilding. This knowledge allows them to schedule materials and subcontractors correctly and efficiently.

A general contractor knows how to handle risk management. Building a home is actually pretty dangerous at times, and damage to anyone or anything can spell serious trouble. A general contractor knows about common pitfalls and dangers in homebuilding and can ensure that your project is covered by appropriate workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. Homeowner’s insurance will probably not give you the right coverage.

A general contractor brings a valuable warranty. A good general contractor should offer at least a year’s comprehensive warranty. That means that, for a year after your home’s completion, if you have a leaky pipe or damaged drywall, the contractor has to repair it. When you act as your own contractor, you’re left to deal with the plumber directly, fingers crossed that the plumber will repair the pipe for you. The drywall damage will be completely up to you.

A general contractor can handle the unexpected. No project runs perfectly, and when things go wrong, you need leadership that can pick up the pieces and put everything back on track. Good contractors are used to things going wrong, and they aren’t fazed by dips in the road. You will be grateful to have a contractor’s experience and cool head.

A general contractor can complete your project faster. Contractors are part of the construction community, which includes subcontractors and suppliers. These essential members of the team will give your contractor priority service. Unfortunately, homeowners handling the construction of their own homes are at the bottoms of many traders’ priority lists.

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