When you’re building a home, it can sometimes be tempting to coordinate the project yourself, especially if you have a really unique concept. The idea of hiring a middleman — a contractor — who will communicate with the roofers, framers, plumbers, electricians, and other specialists on your behalf. Having a contractor enables you to keep working and managing your own life without having to put everything aside to build your home. Coordinating the construction of a home is no small task, and having someone who does it for a living on your side can make all the difference.

If you aren’t convinced that a contractor is your best option for getting your home constructed on-time, with excellence, and under budget, we have some concrete reasons why a contractor really is a fantastic idea.

Why Hiring a General Contractor is Worth It

A general contractor can smooth out your building experience and allow you to maximize your budget in ways you wouldn’t think of yourself. Here is how a contractor can do that:

A general contractor can handle project management. There is an entire universe of work within the words “project management.” It isn’t just about checking in every so often; it’s creating schedules, arranging inspections, communicating with suppliers and trades, and doing research to find the best deals. It is a very time-consuming task that requires flexibility and determination. Let an experienced professional make that his or her full-time job; don’t add it to yours.

A general contractor will prevent your project from getting tangled in administrative weeds. You’d be amazed how much paperwork surrounds a building project. Even when you think you’ve reached the end, there’s more. A contractor will have the time to double-check the liability insurance on subcontractors, handle payments to suppliers and sub-trades, and manage Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) insurance in order to keep your project moving forward and prevent disasters.

A general contractor provides a single point of contact. When the worksite is humming with subcontractors and tradespeople, you need to be able to know how to get a bird’s-eye view of your project. Instead of scrambling amongst a bunch of contacts, you can simply get in touch with your general contractor, who will be able to give you the information you need.

A general contractor can keep everyone accountable. When you have a big team and everyone is on equal footing, you can end up running in circles as people point fingers. It is too common for trades to blame others when things go wrong. A general contractor provides clarity and simplicity to what can be a very chaotic situation.

A general contractor can get you better prices. You have to pay a general contractor a fee, but contractors can offset that cost by getting you better prices for materials and labor. You will have a hard time getting prices that good on your own.

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