In our years of experience building custom homes in Watkins and beyond, we’ve gotten to know a lot of great people. We’ve gotten to work with people who know exactly what they want and people who aren’t as sure. One of our favorite stages of the homebuilding process is the dream stage when we get to sit down with homeowners and learn what they imagine their home to be. Do you know why it’s our favorite part? Because we can make those home dreams come true. We build homes that simultaneously fulfill dreams and needs. We also get to know great people we would otherwise never meet, and through the course of 100s of conversations, we’ve noticed some signs that indicate the individual or family who is absolutely ready to build a custom home. If you’d like a custom home but you’re wondering if you’re really ready, this blog is for you. We are going to share the six main green lights when it comes to custom homes. Read on!

You’re Ready for a Custom Home If…

No matter how hard you search, you cannot find the right home. 

Yes, home searches can take a long time. We all have those moments when we sink into our seats and wonder if the right home even exists. Sometimes, it really doesn’t. If you’ve been sitting on your Zillow alerts for months, visiting homes that are all close but not quite, you’re running into a common problem: trying to fit into a home that was made to someone else’s specifications. When budget, design, location, and amenities stubbornly resist alignment, it’s time to start doing research on contractors in your area. Shake off the used house burden and forge your own path!

You don’t compromise. 

You’ve realized that you can’t make someone else’s dream home your own, and you’re done trying to make it work. You know what you want in a home, and you’re willing to stand your ground until you get it.

You’ve found the perfect place to live. 

You’ve done research, so you know which schools are the closest, how long a commute you’ll have, how far away the grocery store is, and what kind of community you want to join. Unfortunately, location is often the first thing people compromise when searching through inventoried homes. They find a pre-owned home what will work for their needs and decide the extra-long commute is worth it. There’s no doubt: if you want to be in control of where you live custom building is your most sensible option.

You know exactly what you want. 

This is what creates the frustration in our first point about not being able to find the right home, no matter how hard you search. Many people end up compromising budget, location, design, or amenities in favor of the other three. When you build new, you don’t have to compromise. You can get what you need in all four categories. If you know just what you or your family needs, it’s worth seriously considering a custom build.

You would like a home that fulfills unique needs.

Are you an avid gardener who dreams of having a greenhouse attached to you home? Do you like to tinker on cars or motorcycles and long for a big garage? Maybe you keep horses or other animals. Maybe you want a puzzle room or an artist’s workshop. Instead of trying to transform a bedroom into your hobby space, you can simply build the hobby space yourself and enjoy it!

You understand the tradeoff. 

Building a custom home usually costs more than buying a used one, but it’s not just because it’s custom. It costs more because you’re getting new materials, modern construction, and probably fresh appliances. These costlier aspects will actually save you money. Instead of dealing with design flaws and outdated materials that can drain your bank account with repairs, you can do it right the first time and save money down the road.

The team at New Frontier Homes is proud to offer Watkins over 20 years of experience in home construction. There is nothing we like more than bringing dream homes out of our clients’ imaginations with excellence and precision. Work with the Watkins contractors who will always go the extra mile for you!