Finding the right design for your home can be a challenge. With so many different options to choose from for styles, materials, and layouts, it can be hard to determine the look and feel you want to create in your home. In order to give you some inspiration, we have come up with a list of some of the top trends in home design that people are currently incorporating into their homes. When you build a custom home, you should take the time to consider exactly what you’d like in your home. In a recent post, we began our discussion on popular design elements for your home, which we will finish today. Once you know what you’re looking for in your custom home, be sure to contact us here at New Frontier Homes for the home builders in Watkins you’ll want to work with.

Popular Design Elements For Your Home Continued


People are becoming more and more enthralled with the idea of using different angles, shapes, and patterns in their homes. Geometric shapes that include hexagons, octagons, and polygons can be found more frequently in homes as mirrors, candle holders, decorative items, and in-tile patterns. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the shapes you’d like in your home to create an asymmetrical look.

Combining Old And New

The idea of taking antique pieces or older items and finding new uses for them, as well as combining them with more modern items, is becoming a popular notion. Combining a modern sofa with sleek lines and an older claw foot coffee table can create a unique aesthetic that shows your home is up-to-date, while also maintaining an elegant look.


More and more, you can find uses of greenery inside of stylish homes. People are not shying away from the idea of keeping potted plants in their homes, such as succulents, as well as keeping greenery on the wall by hanging wreaths inside. You can now find wall hangings that include a vase for flowers or shrubs, along with wall shelves that can be used to put books, pictures, and plants on.

Farmhouse Feel

Another vintage look that is gaining popularity in today’s homes is the farmhouse aesthetic. You can find farmhouse sinks, sliding barn doors, glass jars, and galvanized metals as popular elements of design in many homes. White kitchens and wire baskets, along with dark wood floors and shiplap backsplashes, are common features in home design trends.

Bold Accent Walls

If you’re not sure if you’d like to go with a bold color on every wall of a room, bold colors on one accent wall is a popular choice for making a statement without being too overwhelming. An accent wall can include a unique painting or black and white photography, depending on what will compliment the space and color.

Finding the right design elements for your home can take time and consideration. If you need help with your custom home design elements, or if you’re sure of exactly what you want and just need the help of a home building and design team, we can help here at New Frontier Homes. To work with home builders in Watkins you can trust with your home, contact us today.