When you decide to start a remodeling or home building project, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the decision and to forget to think about the important details that are key to ensuring your project goes smoothly. If you’ve hired a general contractor to help with your project, we started a list of questions you should ask them before you begin your project in our previous blog. We’d like to finish our list today. If you’re in need of a general contractor in Watkins for your remodeling or home building project, call us here at New Frontier Homes today!

Important Questions To Ask Your General Contractor Continued

#6. How will change orders be handled?

Change orders are relatively common in construction projects and the best way to handle them is in writing. If there is going to be a change in the price or amount of work that needs to be done on your project, you’ll want to be sure to put it in writing and both you and the general contractor should sign the change order. It’s best to work out a plan before you begin on how you’ll handle change orders.

#7. How will I know if I need to make a decision?

The best way for you to keep track of the decisions you need to make for your project is to ask for a list of the projects that are going to be completed and deadlines for when the materials need to be ordered so that the task begins on time. Then you’ll want to be sure that both you and your general contractor have access to the list, spreadsheet, email, or whatever else you may choose to use to keep track of decisions.

#8. Will I be able to reach you outside of regular business hours?

While you will need a way to contact your general contractor in case of an emergency, he will also need a way to contact you. Before the project begins, decide on the best way to get a hold of each other regardless of the time.

#9. Will I need to be available for additional meetings?

You and your contractor should already have decided on the best way to communicate and have regular meetings set up throughout the course of your project. However, other meetings may be necessary for when the electrician comes by to go over outlet placements or you may need to approve a job once it’s finished. Ask your general contractor if he knows of any times when you’d need to make time for additional meetings.

#10. What paperwork will I receive once the project is complete?

Your general contractor should provide you with documentation of the work that has been completed at the end of your project. Things such as inspection reports, lien releases, photos of the insulation, and subcontractor’s contact information are all important documentation that you will want once the project is done for your own point of reference for the years to come.

If you’re starting a remodeling or home building project in Watkins and you need a general contractor, contact us here at New Frontier Homes to learn more about our services.