Before starting any remodeling or home building project, it’s important to determine whether or not you’ll hire a general contractor. Having a general contractor to help with your project will make your role in the process a lot less stressful, as your general contractor will take care of all of the little details that you may not be sure about or that you may not know how to handle. If you’d like, you can learn more about the role of a general contractor before hiring one. If you’re looking to hire a general contractor in the Watkins area, call us here at New Frontier Homes. Once you’ve decided to hire a general contractor for your project, you will want to be sure to ask these important questions before you get started with your project.


Important Questions To Ask Your General Contractor

#1. What is the schedule going to look like?

You should ask for a detailed schedule of your project. You’ll want the schedule to include more than the date the project will start and the projected end date. It’s important that you have a good idea of when certain tasks are going to take place so you can have a good idea of whether or not the project is on track or if the project is falling behind on deadlines.

#2. Who is going to be on the project site every day?

The number of people working on your project will most likely depend on how big the project is and the amount of time you’re trying to complete the project in. If you’re not going to be on-site for the project every day, you’ll want to know who you can expect to open the site and lock things up at night, as well as who you can speak to about certain details should you have any questions.

#3. What precautions are you going to take to protect the project site?

This question can be especially important if you’re doing a remodeling project. You’ll want to ensure that workers are going to take the necessary steps in order to protect your home and your household items that will not be moved for the project. It’s also important to get an idea of how you’ll be able to move through your home during construction and if certain areas are going to have to be completely zoned off.

#4. What is the best means of communication between you and I?

You’ll want to have a clear idea of how your general contractor is going to communicate with you. It’s best if you decide from the beginning whether phone calls or emails will be the best means of communication. Also ensuring that you have regular meetings scheduled from the beginning will help you to keep in touch and get important questions answered in person.

#5. How should we plan on handling surprises that come up?

With every remodeling or home building project, there are going to be surprises which often lead to unexpected costs. You’ll want to ask your general contractor if they have an idea of anything that could be a problem from the beginning, and you’ll want to discuss worst-case scenarios and how you’ll handle them should they come up.

For more important questions to ask your general contractor, stay tuned for our next blog. If you need a general contractor in Watkins to help with your remodeling or home building project, call us here at New Frontier Homes!