In our last blog, we discussed five major advantages to building your own custom home rather than going with a cookie-cutter home. You get control over materials, designs, and amenities, which allows you to create a home around your life rather than building your life around your home. While some people settle for cookie-cutter homes built in bulk, custom is the way to go.

Custom homes aren’t just an opportunity to get practical conveniences met; they’re also an opportunity to indulge a little and get some luxuries set right off the bat. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some of our favorite luxurious features for your consideration!

A Dressing Room

You may think that a walk-in closet is as far as you can go, but you’re wrong. It doesn’t actually take much more space to turn a walk-in closet into an actual dressing room. In addition to a bunch of shelves and rods for your shoes and clothing, all you have to do is increase the square footage enough to create a space that allows more than just grabbing clothes and leaving. Take your dressing room to the next level by including a bench, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and ambient lighting.

Customized Wiring

We’ve all struggled with awkwardly-placed outlets that don’t allow us to put lamps or appliances where we want. Your custom home is an opportunity to put outlets in all the places you need them most. We’re talking the kitchen island, the medicine cabinets, under the roof eaves, and in the garden. Getting these outlets installed during construction is more convenient and cost-effective than paying for them after construction is over. And since we’re talking about custom writing, we have to mention home theater systems. You can hide a lot of cables by getting these wire-heavy systems installed early.

Heated Floors

We lose a lot of heat through our heads and feet. You might think that heated floors won’t do much for you, but, much like heated seats in a car, they can make a huge difference without that much work. If you can only put it in one room, we recommend the bathroom. There is nothing like getting out of the shower and onto a warm floor. You try it once, and you won’t ever want a normal floor in the bathroom again!

A Driveway Alarm

If your property has a long driveway, an alarm can be a great security measure that will give you peace of mind. You’ll know whenever anyone enters your driveway, which gives you a little time to look outside and see who is coming.

Outdoor Luxuries

When you beautify your property, you expand the living space in your home into the outdoors. Water features, fire places, and outdoor kitchens can add that special touch that makes your home feel truly luxurious.

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