Building a custom home can feel like an endless process. Many people are more than ready to move in by the time the home is finished. However, the last thing you want on your victorious move-in day is to realize that you missed an opportunity to have a much-needed feature built into your home. The key to avoiding this disappointment is to figure out exactly what you need at the beginning.

In our last blog, we discussed a few important questions you can ask yourself in order to fully flesh out your dream home. Today, we have a few more questions to help you fully understand what you want out of your custom home.

Are the windows placed correctly for your needs?

When you build a custom home, you have the opportunity to control the light as well as the views. You start with a lot and get to determine just how your home is oriented in it. You can put walls where there are views you don’t want to see and ensure you have windows that will capture the morning and evening sun as well as any great views. Our team can help ensure you have the designs you need while maintaining structural integrity.

Are you going to have to change the cookie cutter floor plan a lot to get what you want?

It is normal for custom homes from cookie cutters to undergo small changes to match a neighborhood, meet building codes, or suit your unique needs. These can be simple changes like an extra garage stall or a modified facade. However, if you need to majorly change the dimensions of rooms or the whole house a completely custom home might be the best plan for you.

Does your dream floorplan work with your building site?

The best way to plan a home is to start with the site. Knowing the shape and size of your site will give you the start you need to consider different floorplans and choose a design that will harmonize with its surroundings. For instance, if you have a long, narrow site, getting attached to a shallow floorplan isn’t a good idea. Your area may have regulations that limit how high you can build or how much of the site a home can take up.

Which is more important: square footage or amenities?

Your money will either buy you space or amenities; you get to decide which is more important to you. It can be tempting to drive your money toward the largest square footage possible, but many people end up disappointed with the quality of the amenities they can afford in their giant homes. If you want a higher level of finishes and amenities, you can shrink your home and make those dollars go a long way.

Do you need a hobby or special interest rooms?

Unique spaces aligned with your interests are part of the joy of designing your own home. You can have the reading nook you always wanted, the garage of your dreams, or a workshop that allows you to start a business. Even if you can’t afford to finish these spaces, it’s the best use of your money to get them built so you can finish them later.

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