Building a house is an exciting, extensive process, and the first step is finding a place to do it! If you have a general location you want, that’s great, but you still have to choose an actual lot. Chances are good you’ll be building in a new development and have several different lots in your price range. How do you choose the best lot for you? You can’t exactly see into the future and determine which lot will meet all of your future needs, but there are some things that you can do to ensure that you put yourself in the best position to get a great lot that will serve you well. Our New Frontier builders specialize in building custom homes from the ground up, and we want to share some of our favorite tips.

Valuable Tips for Selecting a Building Plot

We hope these tips will guide your search for the perfect spot to build a home!

Ensure you will have great roads and access.

Unless you’re building far out in the country and plan to install a long driveway, you will want land with direct access to a public road. You will want to be able to get in and out of your property with ease. Don’t forget to consider the length of your driveway and how you will handle snow, especially if you’re building with us in Colorado!

Define your desired community style.

When you’re faced with a bunch of dirt and a pile of decisions, it can be hard to take the time to pause and consider just what kind of community you’re after. You’re building your own home, after all, which is your ultimate chance to find the perfect location. Do you want shopping close by? Bike paths? Schools? Sidewalks? Or do you want to be so far away from people that you can’t see the lights of your neighbors’ houses at night? Whatever you want, now is your chance to get it!

Get a satellite view.

It is really difficult to fully understand the shape and size of your lot when you’re standing in front of it with a brochure in your hand that says “1.5 acres.” How big is that, really? Instead of depending on a brochure, you can usually get a true view of your property by heading over to Google Maps or other programs that can give you a bird’s-eye view. You’ll get a much better sense for the full extent of the land.

Use professional help.

When building a home, you’re faced with a constant tear between paying professionals and doing work yourself/with the help of friends. Selecting land and paying a fair price is a process you don’t want to leave up to chance. Instead, let a professional broker or agent who specializes in selling property (not homes) guide you. It is also a great idea to get a builder and/or architect in on the process, too.

Turn to Our Colorado Home Builders

A home is an investment that not only has the potential to pay off in spades, it has a massive impact on your daily life. For the very best construction in Colorado, turn to New Frontier Homes!

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